Saturday, 27 August 2016

Autumn ASOS Wishlist

The 1st September marks the start of the meteorological season of Autumn/ Fall and i for one can not wait!

Yes, its cute being able to wear shorts and a crop top or prance around your garden in a bikini, but oversized jumpers and boots are where it is at for me. September to march is where my wardrobe and i both feel comfortable and more prepared for whatever life may throw our way.

Soon, i have put together a short Wishlist from ASOS of what I'm liking for autumn this year, let me kn0w what you think.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sephora 'Delicate Nude' palette

Whilst on holiday recently i set myself the task of buying a few things whilst away. One of these things was an eye shadow palette that varied with shades of pink. After looking around a few stores i came to a Sephora and my wish was granted.

I got my hands on this really cute palette with the exact shades i was looking for. I am not sure exactly what i paid for this palette but it was around 29€ which i was quite please with as the Naked palettes were all around 54€.

(please excuse my poor attempt at swatches, but it was my first ever attempt)

I can not find the exact link for this palette online, but below are some of my other fav pink based palettes from around the web. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Holiday Style: Bordeaux

Life has become pretty busy for me recently, but i have just got home from a great weeks break in the beautiful Bordeaux.

After only ever visiting France once for a few hours as part of a cruise, it was great to actually spend some time in the country. The trip was for my parents 25th wedding anniversary and was a great time full of ALOT of food and wine and seeing some amazing sites (post coming soon featuring where we went and visited)


As my main interest is always what i will be wearing i thought i would kick it off with showcasing my outfits for the week, if you have me on Instagram (@charli_beth) you will have seen me posting pics most of the week, but this is one big round up of pretty much all the outfits i wore whilst away.