Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Trend Of The Week: ITS SO FLUFFY!!

Everyone that knows me, will know that i love fluffy things! bags, coats, shoes, teddies  pillows, the list can go on.

This weeks trend of the week is focused on one small, fluffy gem in particular.

A spectacularly fluffy, little, black bag!

New Look have created the most fun clutch i have every seen on the high street and i have styled it up for a night out with big, fluffy hair to match -  just for you lovely people who read my blog.

Quite a short one today, but i hope you enjoyed it none the less.

Monday, 26 October 2015

West Midlands Vegan Festival

Yesterday i attended the West Midlands Vegan Festival. The festival was run over two days in Wolverhampton's at The Wolves Civic and was full to the brim of food and goods.

Now i myself am not vegan nor am i even vegetarian, but i am Wheat intolerant; making it quite difficult sometimes for me to eat a full meal that i enjoy most of the time.

So i thought, why not visit the festival and see what options they had for me?
I have found that most wheat free foods also contain no gluten and are therefore very chewy, but i can safely say i found foods today that were definitely not chewy nor bland. 

I had a great day and would definitely visit another vegan festival, as they really aren't just for vegans.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

NO!NO! Hair+ Update

As promised this is the 45 Day update on the NO!NO! Hair+ 

If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember my last post on the NO!NO! and will know how unsure i was on how well this product actually worked.

(check out the first post here)


Firstly, i am unsure weather or not the device i had was fault as i had two of the thermion tips burn out within 8 uses. This meant that to continue using the device i would have had to purchase a set of new tips; these come it at around £30.00 a for a set of two and working on how quickly the first two sets died, i believe it would have cost me a small fortune to actually reach the 45 day point.

Having said this after 8 uses of a device (over 2 weeks) that claims in its advertisement to remove hair first time, and DOES NOT state that it is a progressive treatment you would have expected to see an improvement.

The hair was still very obvious and prickly and had i have wanted to wear a skirt or dress, that would not have been possible.

So, to cut a long story short i managed to return the device to Boots - who could not have been more helpful.
I received a full refund and am very happy to have returned to my in-shower shaving methods which actually removes the hair rather than simply producing a burning smell.

 Before this post i tried to contact No!No! themselves asking if it was possible i had a faulty device or if their product just did not work as well as they claimed; the company did not respond to my messages in any way.


Do not buy a NO!NO!
They really are not worth the money and their advertisements are extremely misleading.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Trend Of The Week: Studded Shoes

Studded shoes are no new phenomenon or really a new trend because they have been around FOREVER! But more recently a new style of studded shoe came on the market

The Valentino Rockstud caught the eye of many fashion-obsessed women around the planet, me included, but sadly due to the price-tag attached to a genuine pair of rock studs i had to find a look-a-like pair.

The search was over this week as i found a perfect pair in, wait for it . . . . New Look.

Although there are some very obvious differences between the two shoes, i think they are similar enough to satisfy my need of owning some.

So here are the shoes i bought styled up with a simple grey Topshop vest and black River Island skinny jeans.

The Genuine Valentino Rockstud shoes

And now my look-a-likes

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Trend Of The Week: Khaki

This week its all about KHAKI!!

Rather than focusing upon a dress or style, i thought a colour would be a great change.
I decided to focus upon a dress specifically for this post, but khaki is in every shop i visited on the high street.

From small boutiques to Selfridges, everywhere is selling khaki - dresses, shirts, jeans, shoes, bags and the list goes on.

If you would have asked me a year ago to wear this colour i would have down right refused, but everyone changes and as you grow your style, tastes and opinions change.

So rather than me waffling on forever, here is KHAKI. . . . .

When looking for khaki items to shoot i came across quite a few that caught my eye and thought i would share a few of these items with you

And heres one for the boys,

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Berry, Burgundy, Maroon and Wine

Strange name for a blog post you may think?

Well as i am sure many of you know deep red and purple shades are very much IN - As always with this time of year .

So instead of going out an buying new items for this post i decided to focus on what was already in my wardrobe. 
Most people own at least one item of clothing that is "deep red" and this season means you can drag it out from the depths of your wardrobe and make it a feature in your outfit!

When digging through my wardrobe i discovered that most of the items i owned in these tones were dresses, so i thought i would shoot 4 of them showing how different styles of dress look in similar colours. 

Hope you all liked this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments or you can tweet me @charlibethbird

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Trend Of The Week: Oversized Jumper

To me nothing scream autumn more than an oversized, chunky knit jumper. I spent a few days looking around in store and online to find one i thought would be a great transitional piece.

Eventually i came across this jumper on Boohoo and could not wait to style it up. I put it on as soon as it arrived and i can safely say it is the comfiest, snuggest jumper EVER! 

They have it in a range of colours although quite a few were sold out when i ordered, but this aubergine colour is just perf! 

Jumper: Boohoo

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Clothes show Live Birmingham Bullring

On Saturday i ventured into Birmingham to see the Clothes Show Live event in the Bullring.
It was a great day and event showcasing the latest in autumn/winter trends. 

Some i preferred more than others but that is what makes fashion so great, everyone has a different style and take on trends.

After watching the first show i decided to do a bit of shopping, visiting the new grand central station and John Lewis. My first impressions were that is was absolutely MASSIVE! 
But the shops and eateries were fantastic.

After there i of course spent some time in the bullring visiting Victorias secret and Boux Avenue, followed by a trip around Selfridges - visiting Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford which was very much interrupted by what can only be described as a flash mob fashion show. 

It was fantastic and i got some great buys from the day. So i thought i would share my pics with you.

To take a look at what i actually bought be sure to check out my Instagram @charli_beth