Monday, 28 September 2015

Boutique of Molly Two Piece

As my regular readers will have noticed i posted a dress review from Boutique of Molly a few posts back (check it here!)

After my first post i became a Rep for the brand and could not be happier!

So this post is all about the rose-coloured, two piece featured on their website. The material is quite clingy, but also very stretchy making it very comfortable to wear. 

I have styled the set up in a Kardashian-esque way with matte grey heels and a darker grey waterfall coat.

So i hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out and treat yourself with Boutique Of Molly and all their gorge clothes.

Use my discount code "CHARLIBETH20" for 20% off your order!!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Subtle Statement

As last week was London Fashion Week i decided i would take one of the looks that has been seen 100x over and try to make it my own.

Statement earrings are a symbol of a girl on a mission. Pop a pair in and slick on your favourite lippy and your ready to conquer the world, but what if the thought of having large, ostentatious earrings fills you with dread?

I am one of these girls. 

When i was probably around 12/13 i decided it would be a great idea to begin stretching my ears. I just thought i would love them and never take them out. I wore them for around 4 years and when i took them out one ear healed up great, but the other not as well.

Now don't get me wrong i was not left with giant, saggy loops of skin but, an earring with any weight pulls it down and looks awful. Studs also have to be reasonably large to avoid going through the hole and falling out completely.

So, rather than larger than life, colourful masterpieces i prefer my ear jewellery to be alot more subtle these days. So i decided to show you my current 3 fav earrings that make a classier and more elegant statement than my aforementioned stretchers.

Simple Studs for everyday wear than brighten up any outfit when they catch the light. (They also come in an array of colours!)
Earrings from Warren James

I could not resist these beauties and can not believe how expensive they look when on.
Earrings from Primark for only £1.50!!

Recenetly i have really been loving my plain silver hoop earrings and thought this was a great new take on the classic hoop.
Earrings from Primark.

I hope you liked sweet, lil' post on earrings.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Trend Of The Week: Ankle Boots

As always with this time of year the ankle boots from last year start appearing in your day to day life once again, but what about if you have wrecked your most favourite ever pair?

This is the situation that faced me this week when i pulled my boots from the bottom of the wardrobe. Dirty, saggy and with a few holes my favourite boots were dead.

So i set myself the challenge of finding a new pair and these are what i found.

Boots: Emilio Luca X
Similar River Island F&F New Look 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Boutique Of Molly Dress Review

Recently i have been looking around for the perfect going out dress for autumn and returning back to uni.

 I think i may have found it.

After discovering Boutique of Molly on twitter i got looking at their website and there are some gorgeous items on there but one dress specifically caught my eye.

The "Carmen" dress looked perfect for me, so i placed my order and it came the very next day, and i am over the moon with it! The material is soft as described and the dress is true to size.

Here it is styled with some nude pumps for an elegant, on-trend look and i cant wait to wear it out.

Be sure to check out Boutique Of Molly and see all the gorgeous clothes they stock for amazing prices.

Plus you can use the code "CHARLIBETH20" to receive 20% off, so why not treat yourself?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Trend Of The Week: Zip Through Skirts

As my last Trend Of The Week post did so well with views i decided to do another one.

As many bloggers interested in fashion do i spend alot of time reading and looking through fashion and beauty magazines and one trend that caught my eye was the zip through skirt.

The skirt i decided to buy was from New look and in the also very on trend for autumn camel/tan colour.

Now as it is autumn i decided to go the whole way and style it up in the most autumny way possible with a roll neck and thigh high boots.

Roll Neck: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Jeff Bains (Similar)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The NO!NO! Hair +

As the title suggests this post is all about the No!No! Hair + 

Not my usual type of review post here but,  I had been umming over buying this product for a few months and a couple of weeks ago i decided to go ahead and buy it.

I was really excited to try it out and after seeing countless ads for the product was sure it was really going to be the answer to getting rid of my unwanted leg and armpit hair.

The advert itself and the guide that comes with the product suggests that after even just one use you are hair free and smooth.


You indeed are not. You are left with rough, short hairs that are clearly visible, even after using the buffer pad provided with the product.

After using the product 4/5 times i was seeing no difference what so ever so i decided to give the customer services department of No!No! a call.

The lady who answered was lovely and told me that that advert is slightly "misleading" as it actually takes an initial 45 days (with the No!No! being used every other day) for the product to give the results shown in their advertisements. 

Now i am not one to usually say bad things about products in public but, the fact that the product is not shown as a progressive treatment and it very much is has annoyed me.

I made the phone call and received the "45 day treatment" advice on Tuesday 8th September.

This is the start point and in now 43 Days from this post i shall update you all on if the product has worked or not. 

Fingers crossed it does!

If the product then has not achieved the hair-free, smooth look it claims that it can, my words may not be so kind

Have you purchased a No!No!? Let me know your results in the comments or on twitter you can tweet me @charlibethbird

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Trend of the Week: Bomber Jacket

As the title suggests this post is all about the Bomber Jacket.
Hot on trend right now i just had to get myself one, so i began my search for a perfect jacket.

After mulling it over for a few weeks i decided to go with one from Boohoo. The orange lining just gave it the edge over many others i had seen.
So here it is styled up with one of my casual weekend looks.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Latest Website Work

Over this summer i have been very preoccupied with work and planning for my final year of university.
Except for shooting images for this blog i have not been doing much photographic work for my website. Some ideas have been tried, but sometimes things just don't work out how you expect them to


On Wednesday my idea worked! and i am very happy with my results.
So here it is my latests work called 


This set is also now live on my website, so why not check it out there and take a look at my other works too??

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September: Wish, Want, Need

After the success of last months "Wish, Want, Need" post i have decided to do another. 
This time for September, the coming of autumn and new season trends.

Just so that the lovely people who read my blog know i do actually purchase some of the items on the lists i create; i shall be including my buys from previous "Wish, Want, Needs".

So here it is my "September: Wish, Want, Need"

From my "August: Wish, Want, Need" i purchased some Ankle grazer jeans although not the ones posted as the fit wasn't great when i tried them on. 
I also went to purchase the Michael Kors bag, but fell in love with this Ralph Lauren beauty instead and just couldn't resist, soooo i ended up purchasing it over the MK bag in the end.

Despicable me Twosie from Primark,

So thats it!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)