Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Beauty Fav's

Every girl has their favourite beauty products that they buy time and time again.
I am no different.

So i have decided to do a short post on my current favourite beauty products.

I have spot-prone and sometimes oily skin so finding products that work is a blessing.

To start with i love using Garnier toner. It leaves my skin feeling tight and fresh and does help minimise marks caused by spots.

Currently on offer for £3.33 at Boots (Usually £4.99)

Next is L'Oreal skin perfection day moisturiser. It feels light on the skin and helps in the process of smoothing out uneven skin-tones. 

Currently on offer for £7.49 at Boots (usually £14.99)

This Smashbox studio skin foundation is one which i would not swap for anything. It can be applied for light or heavy coverage and blends really well.


Next is Seventeen 3 way skin highlighter. I personally use this as a primer, i find it adds a luminous glow to my skin when worn under my regular foundation.

£5.99 at Boots

I have purchased quite a few Avon lipsticks of over the years and they never disappoint, always producing rich, long lasting colours that don't dry out your lips.

Avon currently £4.60

Lastly is Maybelline's browsatin. It stays put for pretty much all of the day, but makes your brows look full and shapely without looking really fake.


So there they are. My beauty favourites, let me know if you have any beauty favourites for me to try out and review.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


The past week has been one where i have not had much space to breath.

With work, Uni and a gym routine to stick to i haven't really had time to plan a proper blog post.

Hectic it has been, but that is just the way i like to work. A constant flow of things to do makes me work even harder.

Instead of leaving my blog with nothing i have decided to post a picture i have taken each day from this past week.

Although i shall be completing work experience shadowing a Retoucher (Excited and nervous about this!!) Hopefully next week my blogging routine should be back to normal.

18th April - Having a 10 minute break from coursework

19th April - Photoshoot time!

20th April - New Nail Colour

21st April - Photoshoot with Barbie

22nd April - Editing my Photobook

23rd April - Using the library at Uni

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


As the title suggests, this post is all about hair; more specifically MY hair.

Over the years i have had pretty much any colour you can think of eventually all of the colouring took its toll on my hair.

In 2012 i  was left with extremely short, broken, bleach blonde hair which felt like Gum. Never again shall i attempt to go completely blonde.


I  have decided to show you my hair from the good, the bad and the ugly.

2010: The red had started to sneak its way into my hair, this was just one long, wide red streak on the left of my head. (Picture is from a Taste of Chaos concert)

By the end of 2011 my hair was all over bright red. This picture is unedited it really was that red and i LOVED IT!!

At this point in 2012 i had black hair - i did not want black hair, but it was a stepping stone to the next colour . . .


This is how it ended up, I've never shown this picture before because i was so ashamed, its horrible it was like gum and alot of my hair broke off before and after this picture was taken.
I started wearing extensions so my hair looked better and after this i was scared for a while to have my hair dyed.

After about a year of the blonde mess and extensions (Top pic)  i went back to a light brown with extensions and eventually without (bottom pic) and tried to get my hair back in a good condition.

And now 3 years down the line from dying my hair blonde i have my condition back. I am now very cautious about what products i use and about using constant heat on my hair.
I still have it dyed, but less often and more of a natural colour.

This is how my hair is now naturally a wild, bushy mess. It isn't exactly how i want my hair to be, but it is getting there slowly and most definatley without bleach!!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bikini Hot List

As Summer is just around the corner, many of us are beginning our yearly holiday clothes shop. 

A new bikini (or three) is always on the cards.

I myself must admit i purchased 4 for last summer, but as i was away for 2 weeks i saw nothing wrong with taking 6 bikinis with me.

This year i shall be abroad for a week, so although i do not really need to buy any new bikini's as 6 is plenty; i must admit i have purchased another one and have my eye on quite a few more. 

Every year the new season styles echo the past, but for me i would rather choose a bikini that flatters my figure and compliments my curves rather than contrasting them.


I have compiled a list of my fav 10 bikini's available in the shops now, and just because i am going to try and not purchase any of them does not mean you shouldn't!!

1.) New Look, Top £17.99, Bottoms £7.99

2.) Boohoo, £18.00

3.) Missguided, Top £15.00, Bottoms £12.00

4.) H&M, Top £12.99, Bottoms £7.99

5.) ASOS, Top £11.00, Bottoms £8.00

6.) River Island, Top £18.00, Bottoms £12.00

7.) Triangl, 89 USD (Around £60.00)

8.) Next, Top £16.00, Bottoms £12.00

9.) Boux Avenue, Top £26.00, Bottoms £12.00

10.) Primark, Top £4.00, Bottoms £3.00

So there it is, my 2015 Bikini Hot List.

Happy Shopping Ladies :)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter

I thought i would attempt some illustration on Photoshop for a change and here is the result, a somewhat crudely drawn rabbit.

Maybe drawing on Photoshop is not quite my forte, but oh well is CHOCOLATE TIME!!

Instead of doing a post purely based on Easter i thought i would first share my outing yesterday.

After spending all morning debating where to go for the day my Boyfriend decided we would go to Waseley Hills Country Park. Although outdoor activities aren't exactly what i would call my favourite thing to do, i enjoyed our walk (once i had got over the fact my new boots were covered in mud) 

We had cake and hot chocolate (technically for breakfast) which spurred me on, then returned to the visitors centre for a Jacket Potato.

Walking under a Pylon

Jay Exploring as ususal

Walking through the Woods

It was ever so slightly muddy

Now my last post featured healthyish easter treats, now i did fully intend to bake one of the recipes i posted, but i leaned towards the classic Victoria Sponge with a cadbury chocolate topping. Intead of making a full cake i decided upon smaller cupcakes, and working out that each cake only contained 135kcal meant they were a light sweet treat for all to enjoy.

Although my decorating skills need some work i can definitely say they tasted pretty damn good.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the Easter break and don't eat too much chocolate!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Healthier Easter Treats

Easter - the time when chocolate is EVERYWHERE!

This is amazing when you are a kid, but as we grow and realise we can't just eat what we want when we want it becomes a slight nightmare.
Especuallu if like me you are just beginning your quest for the perfect bikini body.

Now by no means does my "diet" mean i do not eat chocolate or sweet things. My intake is just moderated and calorie counted. 
So for those out there who enjoy the sweet things in life, but do not want all of the calories that go along with them then this post is for you!

Healthier Easter Treats!!!

When researching my favourite recipes for this post, i asked my brother what he would class as a healthy easter treat, his response was "just throw a protein shake in a cake" so although there is probably a recipe out there that for-fills my brothers idea of "healthy" i think ill stick to some genuinely healthier options.

First up, Easter Egg Cookies

At only 90kcal each these are the perfect light yet sweet snack for anyone, and also fun to decorate.

An unusual take on the classic cheesecake that at 117kcal (per bar) mean that they may even be space for more than one piece.

These look amazing! and at around 95kcal per bite i think i may even try and tackle making them myself,

Image from Chocolatecoveredkatie.com

There are many different versions on this site of a healthier creme egg including normal, dairy free/vegan and sugar free.

The calories aren't stated, but they look amazing!

Image from Healthyindulgences.net

Image from: www.savynaturalista.com

Now never having tried peanut butter i feel these would be the perfect reason for me to try it.
No calories mentioned again, but would be quite simple to figure out whilst making them.

To finish off this Easter treat post lets go with an oldie, but goodie

Now this recipe isn't exactly what i would call low calorie at 284kcal per serving, but we all deserved a real treat now and again,

So there we have it, my "Healthier Easter Treats" post, 
I am to do some baking over the weekend and i shall post my creations (As long as they go right) next week, but until then i hope you all have a fun-filled Easter weekend.