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Frizz to Fab

Everyone who knows me will know that my hair is unruly. It decides what its going to look like, where its going to tangle itself and who's mouth its going to end up in (trust me its happened more than once)

To tame it takes an amount of effort that I am not always willing to put in. Once curled it holds and once straight it stays straight-ish but having naturally thick, long, curly hair is not the dream everyone thinks it is.

Anything that offers to help is gladly tried, so when my mom purchased a new product for me I was half hopeful and half wondering if it was even worth bothering with, BUT I am 100% glad I decided to bother.

These are my just dried frizzy locks after being brushed, the longer my hair has grown, the less curly it has become, but the frizz remained.

This is the product I now thank for my silky hair, even after only 3 or 4 uses I know I will be repurchasing once empty. Loreal Elvive dream lengths no haircut cream.

And now in no time at all my hair looks so much more f…

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